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HOLY COW, I received this Stylish Blogger Award in an email from . YAY!!!! Thank you so much for this award. Go check out

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1. My name is April and I am a SAHM to 4 beautiful girls. I’m also an Army Wife! My oldest is 11yrs old, then I have a 9 yr old and a 5yr old and a 4 yr old. Even the dog is a girl…. I have been married to my best friend for 13 yrs this June. I have been all over the whole with him. We lived in Germany for 3 yrs and that is where my oldest was born.

2. I teach 17 Zumba classes in one week and love every minute of it. I love Zumba!!! To learn more about Zumba check out my website and visit to find a class near you.

3. I am a Beachbody Coach. I help people get fit and healthy with Shakeology, Beachbody fitness programs and other products. I tell people that staying motivated on your own isn’t easy, and tell them they should join the Team Beachbody Club for extra encouragement. It’s online community and support network that gives you, as a subscriber, access to a wide range of tools and features to help keep you on track. At , you’ll learn from others through chat rooms, blogs, and Message Boards. You’ll connect with people all over the country and even workout with them in WOWY SuperGym. The Club is a way to get inspired and stay inspired.

4. I also am a . To learn a little about Shaklee read me latest post about “turnkey companies for Woman”. I will be posting up products from Shaklee soon. They have cleaning supplies, beauty supplies, health supplies, weight-loss supplies and they are all natural and eco-friendly.

5. I am 33 years old and I love my life. I live in Minnesota {where it never stops SNOWing}…. I’m from Kentucky, so this snow that we keep having is driving me crazy!!!! I miss grass and flowers…. My husband is from Minnesota, so this is why I’m up here. Its funny because my husband is re stationed in South Caroline right now. So yes, he gets to wear shorts while I’m in snow boots. Not fair…..

6. I started blogging in January of this year. I thought I would try my hand at the whole blogging thing and do some product reviews on things I use. I also wanted to do product reviews on things I could tell me students about and help them find the right products for them. I get asked questions everyday about, “what shoes are the best for this” and “what vitamins should I be taking and where to buy them at”? So I started “My Fitness World”. I take the questions I’m asked and I post up the answers and websites for my students and my readers. I love helping people! It makes me feel good!

7. The last thing about me is……. I’m a really really shy persons! I know, pretty hard to believe that a fitness instructor would be shy. I have struggled with being around people for years. I hate crowds! I get nervous all the time. I have gone to counseling and through help I have came out of my shell and have learned to live with my problems…. Zumba has helped me in so many ways. Not just fitness and being healthy, but has helped me find myself and what I’m good at. I’m not just a mother, I’m a person who helps others find themselves too. I put myself in front of hundreds of people everyday and love doing it. If I can over come my fears, then so can you!

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My Fitness World Zumba Instructor


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    Thanks so much for the award, that was really nice of you to think of me!
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    Thank you so much!
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    You are a FITNESS MACHINE! I put on boxing gloves for the first time this week and am SO SORE! I'm posting about it later!

    Marcy @
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    Congratulations! Newest GFC follower through the weekend hop!
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    Wow, thank you so much for the award!
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    Thank you! How fun!
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    THANK YOU my bloggy friend! Wow, I enjoyed learning about YOU! An army wife? Very cool. Sorry its always snowing where you are, here it's 80+ degrees and H.O.T!
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    Thanks so much for the shout out!! Posting it on FB and twitter:)
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