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No.1 Fast Blu-ray to iPhone, DVD to iPhone Ripper. Rip Blu-ray DVD to iPhone iPad iPod.

WinX Bluray DVD Ripper gives you the easiest way to play Hollywood, Disney Blu-ray DVD movie on iPhone. No need to purchase movie from iTunes or worry about format compatibility, this Blu-ray to iPhone ripper, or say, DVD to iPhone converter helps you compress and convert Blu-ray DVD to iPhone iPod MP4 H.264 video for smooth playback on your iPhone as well as iPad, iPod, iPod touch and TV.
Try WinX Bluray DVD iPhone Ripper and you will find it stands out from similar products with its killer fast ripping speed. It takes about 45 minutes to rip a 2-hour Blu-ray to iPhone 4. That’s 2x faster than common Blu-ray DVD ripper software in current market. Plus, it comes with unique High Quality Engine, professionally reconfigured profiles and numerous flexible settings. It’s surely a must-have tool to ease video playback with your Apple video players!

WinX Bluray DVD iPhone Ripper Overview
Rip DVD to iPhone Supported MP4 H.264
WinX Bluray DVD iPhone Ripper lets you watch all homemade and commercial DVDs on iPhone with ease. The software achieves this by unlocking all tough DVD Copy Protections and converting DVD to MP4 H.264 video accepted by iPhone. Plus, the output videos are also playable on iPad, iPod and Apple TV.
Convert Blu-ray to iPhone iPad iPod Apple TV
The latest version supports Blu-ray. That is to say, you can not only backup DVD, but also backup Blu-ray for playback on iPhone, iPad, iPod and Apple TV. It perfectly removes Blu-ray region code, removes Blu-ray BD+ protection and BD live, and owns full compatibility with all AACS protected Blu-ray, including AACS MKB V1 to AACS MKB V20.
Compress Target Video to Fit iPhone
No need to worry that the output video might occupy too much iPhone memory, this Blu-ray iPhone ripper can rip and compress the large size Blu-ray DVD to the most suitable file size for playback on your iPhone, iPod, iPad and Apple TV. It also allows you to adjust parameters to freely control output quality and target file size.
No.1 Fast Blu-ray DVD Ripping Speed
Optimized MMX SSE SSE2 SSE3 CPU instructions, support Multi-core CPU. This program runs above 65 FPS to rip Blu-ray, and above 180 FPS to rip DVD even on PC which doesn’t turn on Nvidia Cuda. Ripping a 2-hour Blu-ray to iPhone 4 takes only 45 minutes. (The processing time depends on your CPU and Blu-ray DVD driver speed.)
Untouched Video Audio Quality
Cutting-edge technologies are adopted to optimize video audio effect, such as High Quality Engine, De-interlacing. Plus, the software perfectly supports Blu-ray DTS/E-AC3 and MLP/TrueHD Audio System. It is now possible to rip Blu-ray DVD to MP4 H.264 video and keep crisp image sound quality as original Blu-ray DVD movie.
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