Who is taking a Multivitamin??? If not!!! WHY?

My life as a mom and a fitness instructor is busy non-stop. From the time I get up to the time I go to bed, its run here, run there, clean here, clean there, feed kids here, feed kids there……. It’s very easy to forget about myself some days. I stopped taking a multivitamin 4 months ago and WOW, I could tell that I quit!!!

 I felt so run down and tired and poopy feeling all day!!! With all the classes I teach, it was showing in my routines. Their are some days I teach multiple classes in one day. Those days were the hardest ones. I just started taking a multivitamin again and I feel AWESOME again!!!!! I have so much energy and just feel so much better all around. These vitamins I’m taking are the best ones I have ever taken. And I have taken alot of vitamins from different stores over the years. Its hard to find vitamins that stay with you all day! This ones I take have S.M.A.R.T technology. SMART stands for; Shaklee Micronutrient Advanced Release Technology. Yes yes, you guessed it!!! The vitamins are from . They are called . Now Shaklee has different for different needs. Here is the one I take. 

Fifty years in the making, based on 12 Shaklee clinical studies, with 80 bio-optimized clinically proven nutrients, Vitalizer provides the best spectrum of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, anti-aging phytonutrients, omega-3 fatty acids, and probiotics.*

Supercharged vitality* • Enhanced immunity* • Stress management* • Antioxidant defense* • DNA protection* • Heart and brain health* • Bone and joint health* • Digestive health* • Healthy hair, nails, and skin*
Every Vitamin + Minerals Your Body Needs

  • New, higher levels of Vitamin D3, clinically supported for bone, heart and immune health
  • High potency for supercharged vitality*
  • Bio-optimized nutrients for optimum absorption
  • All eight highly potent B vitamins, including biotin

Most Powerful Antioxidant Spectrum*

  • Helps protect cells, tissues, and organs against aging*
  • Superior protection against free radical damage*
  • Full-spectrum vitamin E derived from all eight natural forms
  • 26 antioxidants working together to augment your body’s antioxidant network*

Anti-Aging Nutrients*

  • Protect DNA and support healthy aging*
  • Powerful carotenoids and flavonoids, including lutein and lycopene 7 Omega-3s to Help Reduce the Risk of Heart  Disease**
  • Also promotes brain and joint health*
  • High-potency EPA and DHA
  • Ultrapure, pharmaceutical grade

Guaranteed Superactive Probiotics to Improve Digestive Health*

  • Support healthy digestion and immunity*
  • Extensively studied active cultures
  • Patented delivery system
 **Supportive but not conclusive research shows that consumption of EPA and DHA omega-3 fatty acids may reduce the risk of coronary heart disease.
*** This supplement facts box is for Vitalizer. Vitalizer + Iron and Vitalizer Gold provide additional nutrients. For Vitalizer + Iron and Vitalizer Gold supplement facts, see labels

~You won’t find another multivitamin pack that has the exclusive protective packaging and multipatented S.M.A.R.T delivery system.

To buy your Vitalizer today click !

There are 2 ways to get this multivitamin: One is buy it for regular price or Shaklee as a member and get 15% off. Join Shaklee as a and get great products at a nice price! It’s a simple way to start enjoying our high quality products at a 15% discount with the option of starting your own business. Become a and get a 15% discount on all products, all the time! Plus, as a , you can receive special promotions, offers, and discounts for even more savings.
Don’t forget, you also have an unconditional money-back guarantee and you’ll have exclusive access to our Center where you can find extensive health and wellness information reviewed by the expert Shaklee Health Sciences team.
You can sign-up for Autoship so you can get your Vitalizer ship to you every 30-days, delivered right to your door. NO MORE excuses…. Start taking a multivitamin…. I bet your Doctor tells you to start take a multivitamin. This is the first step to a healthy you. 

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