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I had a chance to review . This product is an all natural treatment used to help the body resist a variety of oral cavity issues including Ear Ache, Sore Throat, Cavities, Gum Sensitivity, formation of BioFilm, Cavities and Plaque, Tooth Staining, and Halitosis. So after 6 years of research and development with partners at BLS Technologies and Otago University of New Zealeand, TheraBreath is proud to announce the release of TheraBreath Multi Symptom Oral Care Probiotics.

Probiotics have gained increasing popularity in the U.S. in recent years with applications primarily targeting non-specific digestive health. TheraBreath Multi Symptom Oral Care Probiotics are part of a new generation of probiotics that are far more sophisticated in terms of their benefits. The BLIS probiotic strains used in the new TheraBreath product were discovered to be naturally occurring in the oral cavities of a very small percentage of children who showed a natural resistance to cavities, sore throats, ear aches and . What is remarkable about the BLIS strains is that they selectively target hostile bacteria responsible for various oral cavity related illnesses while allowing beneficial oral flora to remain intact. This prevents compromising your body’s natural immunity to disease, which can sometimes happen after antibiotic treatment.

So by setting up an effective defense against hostile bacteria in your oral cavity, you can prevent many of these problems before they start.

Easy to use: every day you just mix a stick pack with water and gargle. Everything you need comes in this simple kit.

How To Use This Product

Brush Teeth, tongue, and inside cheeks with (included) to prepare for treatment. Mix one stick pack with about two mouthfuls (2oz.) of water until fully dissolved. Rinse mouth thoroughly for 1 minute with one mouthful. Spit. Gargle for 30 seconds with next mouthful. Spit. If additional solution remains, rinse until gone. You will learn to estimate more precisely as you use the treatment. Use treatment TWICE (morning and night) on DAY 1, ONCE (each morning) on DAYS 2-6, and TWICE (morning and night) on DAY 7. We recommend you repeat treatment every 60-90 days for maintenance of probiotic colonies.

TheraBreath Multi Symptom Probiotics are now available exclusively at your local Walgreens drug-store through the Fall of 2011, at which time they will be available at most major drug stores in the U.S.

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