My Zumba PEEPS Love Me

Last night was my last Zumba class for a while. I will be on vacation for the whole month of July, so last night I had a ladies give me a card. It was the sweetest thing. It read;

“April, Finding your Zumba class was one of the best things that we’ve done this year. You got talent and you know all the right moves!! Unlike some of us…we don’t always know them. But you are patient, you don’t laugh at us and you don’t ever give up!! We have had so much fun on Thursdays & some Wednesdays too. We will miss you when you’re gone but know you will be seeing all the people you love and learning some new moves to teach us. Take care and enjoy your time away!!!”


It’s that the sweetest card? My classes all week have been packed and everyone giving me hugs and happy & safe travels. WOW, it’s like I’m never coming back or something… It makes me feel so good that people enjoy my classes and care about me! People don’t realize that instructors are human and we have feelings and we put a lot into our classes. We get down on ourselves when class sizes drop down and people don’t come back to class. We think we did something wrong or we suck!!!! So next time your in a fitness class, go up to your instructor after class and tell them you enjoyed the class and had fun. If your not going to come to the next class tell them, don’t just not show. Or if your going on vacation just give them the heads up. That way they don’t feel bad and think it was them. We instructors remember every face that walks through our doors and into our classes. We may not remember your name, but we remember your face and style. So don’t think you come to class and know one knows your there. You may be hiding in the back, but we still see you. I notice people in the back row more then the ones in the front. Also, if you feel lost and can’t get a step, stay after and ask the instructor to help you. That’s our job. We’re here to help and guide you in fitness. We get paid because you show up and come to class. If know one shows we don’t get paid. So we are here for you, our classes are for you. If you don’t like something, say something. This is how we know what works and what doesn’t work.


Have a save & fun 4th of July!!!


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    Great blog! New follower
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    Randa says:

    New follower! Great blog!
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    That is Awesome what your class did for you!!! Have a wonderful vacation and safe travels. I love your blog it’s one of the best I’ve seen!!!
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    any good is loved by her class and it is sooo good to be actually told this – in fact it makes out day to get praise once in a while so keep it coming
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    That was so nice of your class to give you that sign!! I love when I have an amazing instructor and she cares about her girls.
    Thank you for being an amazing instructor!! I wish there were more like you. Let me know if you ever teach in Ontario Canada (we are moving up there in a few weeks.
    BTW…I’m a new follower too.
    Happy 4th of July!!
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