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Who would like to join a challenge with me?

Vi-Shape® is the core product of the Body by Vi™ Challenge, a
90 day health transformation challenge that is sweeping the
nation. With over $100,000 in total prize value for the best
transformations, start your journey to better health today!

Click on the button as a customer and when you get your shakes let me know and we will start the challenge together. Yes I will be taking this challenge too.  Yes there are prizes for the best transformations, so take before and after photos and keep track of your inches and weight lose. As soon as I start my challenge I will take it into a weekly hop with linkies, so we can all support each other.


I have received my shakes 5 days ago and I have been drinking 2 shakes everyday for the last 4 days. I really do love these shakes. I have tried a lot of  meal replacement shakes and a lot of them leave a chalky after taste and they cost big $$$’s. Well these shakes are AWESOME!!! I love the taste and they have these Shape-Up Flavor Mix-Ins, like, Strawberry, Banana, Peach, Orange, and Chocolate. These mixes are little packets you mix in with the shakes.  Plus they have these Smart Energy Drink Mixes. If you drink red bull, monsters or 5-hour energy, you will love the NEURO. NEURO is a patent-pending blend of energy-enhancing ingredients without the excessive sugar or caffeine found in other drinks.

You you would like more information on Vi-Shape Shakes email me at,

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