~I’ve Got Purseanality Purse Parties~

I have started up my own business with I’ve Got Purseanality Purse Parties. Visit my to look at my purses that I sell. Host a purse party at your home or office and earn free and discounted merchandise while having a great time with family, friends, co-workers, and neighbors! Your guests will be amazed at our selection, quality, and prices as they inspect the product first hand. I’ve Got Purseanality has been providing quality fashion handbags, purses, and accessories to women since 2007. All parties are held in a no-pressure environment which is unique in the purse party business! Every party is an open house style party. Come shop, buy and take home that day. Every purse is under $50. We also have wallets and purse hangers.

Show off your “Purseanality” by hosting your own Purse Party with I’ve Got Purseanality and to earn FREE merchandise!

These purse are so cute!!!! You can even visit our , and look through our photo albums of all the purses we sell and have in inventory. If you like one and would like more info, please contact me at dragonfly.more@gmail.com.

I will ship purses out too!!!


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    i love the creativity put in the handbags!
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