I’M BACK!!!!

I’m back from vacation and I had a BLAST!!! The Zumba convention in Orlando Fl was off the hook. We got to see Pitbull live. His new song “Pause” is so awesome. I learn so many new things and met some real nice people. 7,000 instructors from all over the world were at the Zumba convention. We celebrated our 10th anniversary too. Yes Zumba has been around for 10 years!

The convention center was kick butt!!!!

We even went shopping at the Zumba Wonderland!!!

My friend and I bought the same pants…

We even got to dress-up for a concert!!!

We even got our picture taken with Gina.

We also had a glimmer and glow party!!! That is where you wear all white and black light stuff!!!

So I had a blast at Convention!!!! Can’t wait for next year!!!


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