Do your kids need omega-3′s?


Who has a hard time getting their kids to eat fish? We all know how important it is to get our omega-3′s… Well I have the perfect kid approved  nutritions chew; Shakleekids ®. is 100% Natural, Ultra-Pure DHA-Essential for Early brain Development. Each great-tasting chew provides 100mg of this essential brain-supporting nutrient. DHA has been shown to support a mighty memory, mad concentration and fierce mind skills. Each chew is packed with 100% natural, ultra-pure form of omega-3 oil that has been purified and tested to be of the highest quality. This means your kids get all the benefits of DHA without the fishy taste and potential hazards of environmental toxins-such as mercury, from eating large amounts of fish.

Organic, Natural, and Gluten Free

Bursting with citrus flavor, ® DHA chews are 75% oranic and contain no added artifical colors, flavors, or preservatives. Plus, they’re gluten free!

Fish Is the Main Source of DHA!

  • Foods that are rich in DHA include sardines, tuna, and organ meats such as liver-all of which are foods that kids in the U.S. generally don’t like. So do your kids eat these types of fish?
  • Most children do not get enough DHA from diet alone. Studies in the U.S. have found that the majority get only 20-40 mg a day.
  • To Buy a 30-day supply for your youngins click .

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