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Compact Automation designs and manufactures high-value pneumatic and hydraulic actuation products for original equipment manufacturers, integrators and plant engineers. These are premium products for those who demand the best possible performance and durability. The Turn-Act brand of rotary actuators from compact, provide a wide range of highly configurable models to choose from to meet any critical motion control application requirements in a small but powerful and fully field repairable package. Compact by Design. Doig Corporation is an authorized Compact product distributor.



Available in a wide range of base models with torque outputs from 9 in. lbs to 5200 in. lbs, and standard rotation capabilities of 90, 110, 180, 270, & 290 degrees. One moving part providing Zero Backlash. No loss of motion. Precise Repeat-ability. Continuous full torque throughout the rotation.

Select from CA Comp-Act, TA Turn-Act, BR Brute, and OEM OC and OT Series actuators to fit your needs. Made to order, customize-able, you can easily configure your own.

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Compact Air Actuation Products for Linear Motion Control. Compact Air Springs are highly durable, precisely engineered and cost-effective for use in a wide variety of actuation and vibration isolation applications.

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GC2000 series guided cylinders outperform conventional non-rotating cylinders and is designed for short stroke, limited space applications where a cylinder is needed that guides and supports its own load. GC2000 series cylinders are designed for both torsion and direct side load.

GC3000 and 4000 series guided air cylinders are highly space efficient devices designed to bridge the gap between expensive ball bearing slides and zero load bearing non rotating cylinders.

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